Roberson-Tyner Genealogy

As anyone who pursues an interest in family history very long will agree, just finding out the "skeleton" information, i.e. name, birth, marriage, death, etc. is only the beginning.  What puts "flesh on the bones" and makes our ancestry "come alive" are the stories, biographical sketches, maps, pictures, etc.

On these pages, we are building links to additional information about the various branches of our family tree.  We have spent a lot of time tracing our family tree.  Partly out of interest in finding our national heritage.   Partly out of interest in finding our spiritual heritage.  So, "climb" into each branch of our family tree.  There are pictures, stories, histories, poems ...  Something for everyone!

You can follow the links below to the family of interest to you:

Roberson Annable, Bellah, Burns, Cohan, Davis, Gibson, Hart, Kingsbury, McKee, Starcher, Vanscoyk, and Welborn.
Tyner Aldridge, Chandler, Hollenback, Hunsaker, Lamb, Pond, Rinehart, and Sargent.
Phinney Ebermann, Ensminger, Houser, Jones, Malott, Pfennighausen, Rohrer, Thomas, and Van Winkle.
Picklum Burch, Castle, Delp, Doolittle, Hogle, Landes, Stearns, Swartout

Each of these family groups is organized to present as many of the following items as possible:

So, there you have it!  You can follow links directly to the family groups of interest in the table above, or "drill down" through the main branches of our family tree, beginning with the links to the left.

For additional information, you may want to check out our Miscellaneous page, where we have listed our philosophy on building a family tree, sharing data, approach to reporting data, info for techies, links to favorite sites, etc.  Even the author's pet peeve!  Or you may wonder what motivates a person to "play with their dead relatives!"  If so, then you'll want to check out our Goals page.

This will always be a work in progress, so check back from time-to-time.  We are far from retirement age and we are definitely not independently wealthy, so we will work on this as time permits!

Author: Roger L. Roberson, Jr.   •   Last updated: 05 July 2003