Joining our efforts with millions of other family history enthusiasts, we have created these pages to assist ourselves and others in building our knowledge of our ancestry.   Please come in and look around!  Navigating around our site is easy.   Just "click" on the links to the left.   While visiting our Web pages, they will always be there to take you to whatever area is of most interest to you.

We have divided our work into two major categories:

The "Skeleton" of our Family Tree

The work of the family historian begins with trying to put together the family groups, linked together down through time and location, from which they descend.  We have invested years of work in that effort, but we have not attempted to create Web pages to present that information here.  There are many sites available around the Internet far better equipped to handle that job.  So, you will find the "raw data" of our family tree embedded in two databases on two main sites:

World Connect - One database is on the wonderful site created by RootsWeb - their World Connect project.  In our opinion, the best currently to be found on the Internet.  Here you find the excellent GEDCOM presentation format created by RootsWeb for all of us to use.  You can follow these links to your hearts content or use World Connect's powerful search engine to find exactly the information you are looking for.   [Note: Sources, notes, etc. are available to all those who contact us for mutually beneficial exchanges of family history information.]

Family Tree Maker - The other database is on the site offered by Family Tree Maker to their customers.  Here we have prepared a table of every individual appearing in our family database in alphabetical order - listing their names, birth date, death date, spouse's name (if any), and their marriage date.

These sites not only provide great resources for storing data, but more importantly, they link this data up to powerful search engines accessible to people all over the world!

The "Heart" of our Family Tree

Where our Family Tree really begins to come to "life" is with the personal anecdotes, family stories, pictures, biographies, maps, etc.  We have created these Web pages with that as our goal.  Bringing our family history to life and sharing it with our kin, near and far.  By doing so, we are serving others and ultimately ensuring, as much as possible, that this information is not lost.

So, click on the Genealogy main link above and come on in!!

Privacy and Accuracy Policy

OK, so the good news is that people from all over the world can find you and join you in "common cause" to help each other build your knowledge of your family tree.  The bad news is that people from all over the world can find you ...   How do we handle that?

We are like most of you - we value our privacy very much.   But we are also real family history enthusiasts and would like to make contact with all of our distant cousins, as much as possible.  In these pages, we have done all we know to do to protect the privacy of the living, while still allowing for the possibility of making contact with new members of our extended family.  So, here is what we have done with our two databases:

World Connect - In these pages, we have protected all potential living members by having first names marked as "Living" - as suggested by RootsWeb.  All other data is blank. So, there are no names of the living to track down.

Family Tree Maker - Any potentially living individuals in our database do not have any dates presented, but the full names are still there.  This allows us to make contact with distant cousins, who don't know much about their ancestry, but find their names on our pages.  We can help them!  We believe it would be extremely difficult for anyone to put a family group together from this data, unless they personally know about your family anyway.

So, there you have our approach.  If anyone finds their names or families on these pages and do not find our approach acceptable, then please feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to comply with your requests.

So, how about the accuracy of our data?  Ideally, every bit of information contained on these pages would be 100% accurate.  We've done all we could to make it so, but there will be errors.  We appreciate any and all help to improve accuracy, no matter how insignificant it may appear to be!  And you English teachers out there!   Any misspellings, typos, grammatical errors ...  Go for it!  Let us know and we'll be happy to make the corrections.  No matter how small.  So, don't be afraid to contact us.

If you are having a little trouble with these pages rendering properly on your system, you may want to take a quick look at our system requirements section.   We have other items on this "Miscellaneous" page, which may be of interest to you as well.

We hope some of the information we are posting on these pages will be of value to you in your own efforts to build your family history.  Enjoy your visit to our Web site!

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Author: Roger L. Roberson, Jr.   •   Last updated: 27 March 2003