Roberson-Tyner Family Tree Research

In slowly uncovering new branches of our family tree, we have done a lot of research.

Sometimes, we uncover information which may or may not ever be useful to us in expanding our own family tree, but may prove valuable to others.   So, we have posted this information on RootsWeb's World Connect pages.  They can be found at the following URL:

Roberson-Tyner Family Tree Research

One distinguishing feature of these pages is they appear all disjointed, as they do not necessarily "flow" from one family to another.   The simple reason is that we have entered all the data we have found and, of course, not all of these families are related.  Someone doing a search for a particulary person or family, if we have also done research on same, will pull up these pages and hopefully find something of value to them.

While you can always e-mail us, all of our sources and notes are posted, so we don't have any additional information beyond what you find on these pages.  If you find something of value, we'll always be happy to hear of your successes.

Our main family tree database is located separately at the following URL:

Roberson-Tyner Family Tree

All the best to you in your research efforts!

Author: Roger L. Roberson, Jr.   •   Last updated: 06 December 2009